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  • Christ Church Russell is a Local Shared Ministry Unit in the Bay of Islands . The contact person for our church is the Administrator: Roger Wyatt
  • Phone 0274907029

The Structure of Local Shared Ministry

The structure of Local Shared Ministry can seem quite complicated, but in fact it is structured just like a bike! All of the parts are necessary to make it function properly.

Enabler: Revd Ellen Bernstein , steers us all in the right direction and keeps the pedals turning

Administrator: Roger Wyatt, keeps the two wheels together and is the contact person for all enquiries. 0274907029

FRONT WHEEL: Church Council cares for the buildings/grounds/correspondence etc, and is elected at the Annual General Meeting.

Chairperson: Heather Lindauer

Secretary: Janet Sharman

Treasurer: Jules Simons


Roger Wyatt, Paula Franklin, Libby Magnusson, Maggie Sales ( Synod Rep) John Russell, Chris Swannell ( Synod Rep), Emil Nye.


REAR WHEEL: Ministry Support Team looks after the spiritual needs. This team is chosen by the congregation.

Administrator: Roger Wyatt

Educator: Paula Franklin

Liturgist: Mary Wyatt, Revd Chris Swannell Assistant

Pastoral Carer: Maggie Sales

Priests:  Revd’s Heather Lindauer, Paula Franklin, Chris Swannell

Preaching coordinator:(Acting)Revd Chris Swannell

Funeral coordinator: Heather Lindauer