• Christ Church Russell is a Mission District in the Bay of Islands . The contact person for our church is the Priest-in-Charge: Peter Minson
  • Phone 0272060981
  • In February 2023 the church changed from a Local Shared Ministry Unit to a Mission District.

    Priest’s Warden: Mary Wyatt
    People’s Warden: Michael Hooper

    Secretary: Janet Sharman

    Treasurer: Jules Simons

    Church Committee:

    Rev Peter Minson (Chair), John Russell, Rev Heather Lindauer, Libby Magnussen, Emil Nye, Rev Paula Franklin, Sandy Myhre, Mary Wyatt, Michael Hooper ( Synod Rep), Rev Chris Swannell ( Synod Rep), Roger Wyatt, Janet Sharman (Secretary).

    This team is chosen by the congregation.

    Liturgist: Mary Wyatt, Rev Chris Swannell Assistant

    Pastoral Care Coordinator: Michael Hooper

    Priests:  Revd’s Peter Minson, Heather Lindauer, Paula Franklin and Chris Swannell

    Preaching coordinator: Mary Wyatt

    Funeral coordinator: Heather Lindauer